Our Focus: Medical Care, Potable Water, Agricultural Training, Education and Micro Loans

The Denan Project is a nonprofit, grassroots organization whose volunteer members secure the necessary resources to provide free medical care, potable water, agricultural training, education, and other critical services for the people of Denan, Ethiopia and the surrounding villages, and to other impoverished communities in the developing world. Building on the strength of its volunteers and donors, the Project has expanded into Burkina Faso, Peru, and Mongolia from its inception in Denan, Ethiopia in 2004. Working with regional government and nongovernmental agencies, its ultimate goal is to make specific communities in these areas self-reliant by developing and implementing long-term, sustainable solutions.


Food being delivered to the villagers by The Denan Project


A baby being examined by a doctor at the Denan Hospital


Denan villagers filling in the water pipeline

Burkina_During Surgery 4

Doctor Sedogo during surgery at the Ouadaradouo Clinic


Kids outside the Ouadaradouo Clinic


Villagers lined up for registration at the Uratari Health Center


Uratari woman watching over her kid receiving dental service


Herder and his wife in front of their Ger (Yurt) in Tariat, Mongolia